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HTO 85

HTO 85 tool with offset handleHonsa® tools provide the ultimate in improved power to weight ratio, less vibration exposure, increased productivity, and extreme comfort.

Please be sure to specify shank size when ordering.

OFFSET HANDLE .401 Shank, .498 Shank, or .432 Hex

Model# Bore Stroke BPM OAL Weight
HTO 85 13/16" 4" 3250 8" 4lbs 4oz

Standard Equipment
Beehive Retainer #6013
Mech Aid Spring Retainer #6012
Optional Equipment
Suspension Bail #HTO-BH1
Turn Ball Bearing Retainer #7210
Non-Turn Ball Bearing Retainer #7211
6014 for .401 Shank for Turn and Non-Turn Type

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Safety Information
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