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Customized ISOVIB® Bucking Barscustomized bucking bars

US PATENT #10,179,361 - #10,828,692 - #11,267,042
Other Patents Pending and Foreign Patents Iissued
Honsa® designs and manufactures standard and vibration reduced bucking bars from tungsten, steel and stainless steel. We offer isolated bucking bars in several configurations to minimize harmful vibration transmitted to operators.

Our ISOVIB® modular bucking bar technology incorporates the benefits of steel, tungsten, urethane, and a robust spring to provide maximum vibration reduction in a weight best customized for your application. The ISOVIB® bucking bar has a non-mar tip and a rivet height gauge which reduces over bucking and costly rework to skin surfaces.

Call us at 800-800-9371 or email us at Isovib@honsatools.com to modify any of these for your application or to create a new design for your unique needs.


modular bucking bar
Our ISOVIB® modular bucking bar.
ubb-2r static isolated bucking bar
Static isolated bucking bar available in a wide variety of geometries to access difficult areas


Group shot of bucking bars
Sample Images of Customized Bucking Bars
hvrbbs with custom dollys
HVRBBs with custom dollys