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Standard Bucking Bars

Made in the USA

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Standard Bucking Bar Catalog

  • Currently, we offer over 300 bucking bar designs.
  • Contact us to have these designs customized to your unique application. 
  • Each design is available in the customer's choice of steel or tungsten.
  • All Honsa® bucking bars are made in the USA from the highest quality materials available.
  • Call us at 800-800-9371 or email us at Isovib@honsatools.com to modify any of these for your application or to create a new design for your unique needs.
  • bucking bars made in America

Honsa® Ergonomics designs and manufactures a multitude of shapes and sizes of bucking bars, from tungsten, steel and stainless steel, with an engineered isolated handle or without. Let Honsa® help find the solution for your specific application. Contact us.

US PATENT #10,179,361 - #10,828,692 - #11,267,042