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HTIBL B-17 Series

htibl b-17 series rivetersThe HTPB-17 series tools are the gentle giants of Honsa® riveting tools. They have just enough weight and an abundance of power to ease through demanding applications for sustained periods of time, without the bone crushing vibration you would expect to find in a high-powered riveter.

.498 Shank Type

Model# Bore Stroke BPM O.A.L. Weight
HTIBL B-17C 27/32" 6-23/64" 1400 22-3/8" 12lbs 1oz
HTIBL B-17D 27/32" 4-23/64" 1400 21" 11lbs 10oz
HTIBL B-17E 27/32" 6-23/64" 1400 19" 11lbs 0oz

Standard Equipment
Beehive Retainer 8112: B-17C & B-17D
Mech Aid Retainer 8111: B-17C & B-17D
Turn Ball Bearing Retainer 8113E (For B-17E only)
Turn Ball Bearing Retainer 8113R (For B-17CR and B-17DR only)
Suspension Bail HTIL-BH1579
Optional Equipment
Turn Type Ball Bearing Retainer #8113R: B-17C & B-17D
Suspension Bail HTPR-B17 Horizontal
Non-Turn Ball Bearing Retainer 8113: B-17C & B-17D
Barrel Isolator HTSB02-C (For B-17C, B-17CR, and B-17E)
Barrel Isolator HTSB02-D (For B-17D, B-17DR)
Barrel Isolator HTRP-C-B17 (For B-17C, B-17CR, and B-17E)
Swivel HTO 1/4" SWIVEL

Tool Manual -17C
Tool Manual -17D
Tool Manual -17E
Safety Information
Tool Do's and Don'ts