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Weld Check Demonstration

A few years ago we posted a video of a weld check demonstration. In the video you see the HTO P51-DR with the HET-26-1 Expansion Chisel. You also see a demonstration with the HTP B17-CR Air Hammer with the HET-97-8 Fork Chisel. You also get to see an example of how the HTC 11-4-R Chipping Hammer with the HET-36 Fork Chisel works.

We have to admit, it is fun to use each these tools. Beyond enjoyment however is the fact that each of these tools is effective and safe to use. The tests in the videos each show how the tools can be used to test the integrity of spot welds. Our tools are built to destruct things, not people!

Read a bit more about our power tools do’s and don’ts here.

We’d love your feedback. Visit this video on YouTube and leave us your feedback in the comments! We received this nice review in the comments from Aaron S.: “I am a weld destruct tech. I've been using your Honsa hammers and chisels now for 5 years. They do a great job.” Thanks Aaron!

If you have any questions about our Weld Destruct tools, please contact us on our toll free number: 800-800-9371. All of our products are made in the USA and are used by numerous industries including: Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, Automotive Assembly, Shipbuilding and Repair, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Foundries, and Engine and Transmission Assembly.