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.498 Shank Style Chisel Set CS 498

cs498 chisel setYour job just got easier with hardworking Honsa® tear down chisels. These ergonomically enhanced weld destruct chisels are available in sets or individually, and come in a variety of shank styles. Made in the USA, and built tough to last long.

.498 Shank Style Chisel Set #CS 498 INCLUDES case and:

955 CH 955
Wide Chisel Scraper, 7" OAL
959 CH 959
Double Panel Cutter, 7" OAL
960 CH 960
5/8" Chisel, 7" OAL
HET 27-1 HET 26-1
.498 Shank Expansion Chisel, 9" OAL

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