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HTP 10WT, 12WT, 13WT

htp 10wt, 12wt, and 13wt tools with gooseneck handle



Look no farther than Honsa® for powerful, vibration-reduced pneumatic tools. We built them to destruct things, not people! Our ergonomic weld destruct tools come with a choice of standard or teasing throttle valve, whatever suits the job you have to do.

GOOSENECK HANDLE    .401 Shank Type

Model# Bore Stroke BPM O.A.L. Weight
HTP 10WT 9/16" 1-7/8" 3200 10" 4bs 1oz
HTP 12WT 9/16" 3" 2100 12" 3bs 12oz
HTP 13WT 9/16" 4" 1725 13" 3bs 12oz

Standard Equipment
Beehive Retainer #6013
Mech Aid Spring Retainer #6012
Optional Equipment
Ball Bearing Retainer #6014 (For both turn and non-turn type)
Suspension Bail #HTPR 10
Barrel Isolator #HTRB 2x10
Barrel Isolator #HTRB 3x12
Barrel Isolator #HTRB 4x13

Tool Manual
Safety Information
Tool Do's and Don'ts